What to choose wordpress.com or WordPress.org

 Choosing The Wrong Platform

The biggest mistake people make when starting out is choosing the wrong blogging platform. Basically, there are two types of WordPress. First, there is WordPress.com which is a blog hosting service, and then there is WordPress.org also which is the famous self-hosted WordPress platform that everyone loves.

You need to start with self-hosted WordPress.org because it gives you access to all the features you need out of the box.

The cost of using WordPress.com vs WordPress.org :

WordPress.com does allow you to set up a website entirely for free, but there are some downsides to this:

  • You can only place your site under a subdomain.
  • You cannot remove WordPress.com’s own ads and branding from your site
  • You get limited disk space of 3GB
  • You can’t monetize your blog or website
  • You can’t install plugins or any themes that aren’t available on the platform by default

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