What is On Page optimization?

On page, optimization is also known as on-site optimization. In on page optimization, we optimize our website according to search engine guidelines. On page, optimization provides us a natural result of our website listing in search engine.

On page optimization techniques:

1. Keyword analysis: When the user type some query in search engine is called Keyword. Keyword is used in Meta keyword, Meta description, title, heading tag, bold tag, alt tag and content etc. For keyword analysis we can use any tool like Google ad-words.

2. Competitor website analysis: Here we have our many competitor. If we analyze the website of our competitor, then we get some relevant keywords from here and we can add it to our website.

3.Tag optimization: In tag optimization we optimize HTML tag like Meta tag, heading tag, bold tag and alt tag. In html tag we implement keywords. Every search engine gives some importance to tag.

4. URL: In this optimization we optimize “what is URL, URL length and can we implement keyword in URL”.

5. Favicon: Favicon is important to website. So we analyze whether favicon is present on our website or not.

6.Canonicalization Installation: For search engine www.domainname.com and domainname.com both are different domain name. So we should confirm that when we enter domainname.com, it will be open in  www.domainname.com.

7. Web speed optimization: It is important that our web site will not slow down, if it runs slower then the user will close it and go to another website. Which will increase bounce rate of our website. If CSS and Java Script files take much space  then website  going slow.

8. Text/Code ratio: With the help of text code ratio checker, we can check the text/code ratio. In website text and code  should have approximately equal.

9. Link optimization: Website has 3 link-
(a) Internal link: Any website's internal links should be around 20-25 characters.
(b) External link: Any website's external links should be around 5-6 characters.
(c) Broker link: There should not be any broker link on any website.

 10. W3 Validation: We should check that our website is W3 Validate. We can check our website with the help of  w3 school Validator.

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