What is Off Page Optimization?

Off page optimization is technique to improve the ranking of website for our keywords. Off page optimization is done offsite and it’s not show in our website. It is used to build back links for our website on other website. Off page optimization is regular process and long term process.

Off page optimization techniques- 

1. Directory submission:

There are many directories where we can submit our website and increase backlink for our website on other website. We give short description of our website in those directories. And user comes into our website from those directories and make traffic on our website.

2. Social Bookmarking:

Nowadays everyone use social site networking. In social bookmarking we create pages in different-different social networking site and make backlinks and nofollow links for our website.

3. Blog Commenting:

Nowadays everyone creating blogs in many topics. So you can find out your business related blogs and comment on those blogs. With the help of blog commenting you can create backlinks of your website.

4. Social Media:

Here are many social media like- facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, googleplus, linkedin etc. With the help of social media you can promote your business products.

5. Video Sharing:

In this technique, we can create a video of our product and share those videos online. With the help of video sharing, we promote our products and make backlinks for our website.

6. Photo Sharing:

Same as video sharing we can also share photos of our products and create backlinks of our websites.

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