Understand the difference between HTML,CSS, Bootstrap and JS

You can style your boring HTML pages with CSS. CSS is known as Cascading Style Sheets which is basically used for styling your web pages.

Here, we define the basic difference between HTML,CSS, Bootstrap and JS with the help of a human body like if humans created by programming language then how it work.

Structure Layer (HTML):

Let me give an example of CSS. When we create a web page with HTML, it means we create a skeleton, like a basic building blocks of a body which shows that how the structure form or how it look like.

Presentation Layer (CSS):

Now adding a css means you can give the body color, body shape, the beautiful eyes, nose, ear, hear and all parts of body with look and feel.

Action Layer (Bootstrap):

We can perform some basic action through bootstrap, like making a web page responsive. or it look on tablets or other system. Basically it is use for responsive and more stuff. Like your body structure should be as fit as you can wear anything and it suit you.

No Caption (JS) : 

JS has all the power to make a body move, It performs so many functions on your body. It helps you to intract with people what to say, how to say and when to say. It seems easy!! right. But it is not!! This is the main part of a body(structure) because it controls everything.

Hope you understand the concept. Now we will show you how they work together.

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