How to create your digital ad strategy

Developing Your Advertising Foundation

Whether you’re working in a B2B or B2C company, before you move forward with developing and placing digital ads, you must first come up with a viable ad strategy.Before you set out on your advertising journey, take a close look at your current market.

     Ask yourself

  • Who is most likely to purchase your product?
  • How much of that market is interested in your product?
  • Are there other companies selling similar products?
  • What do your competitors’ advertising strategies look like?

Developing Your Advertising Foundation

Once you’ve determined that the market conditions are right, it’s time to start creating your advertising strategy

. What are you currently doing for digital advertising ?

.Who is running your digital advertising strategy?

.If you are doing digital ads today, how are they performing?

Defining Your Advertising Goals

To define your advertising goals, you need to settle on a specific set of objectives, whether it’s increasing sales by a certain amount, establishing greater brand awareness, gaining a new demographic in your customer base, or any combination of these. Having goals clearly defined on paper establishes measurements for success


Regardless of the type of organization—B2B or B2C—a great measurement of success is customer acquisition, or an increase in potential customers


Not everyone who sees your ad will immediately purchase your product, and that’s why you need to nurture your customers throughout their buying journey. Digital advertising is a fantastic way to do this


Your nurturing shouldn’t stop once someone becomes a customer. You can use nurturing in digital advertising to maintain relationships and create loyalty with someone who has already become a customer


Your brand is what makes you unique. Your brand is often comprised of product differentiators, messaging, and a distinct look and feel. Because digital ads are ubiquitous across the web, they can make or break your brand identity.

Audience Development and Personas

When creating your digital ad strategy, you must consider your audience—who are you creating your ads for? Your identified audience dictates every aspect of your ads.



Main Sources of Information

Main Online Channel Preference

Pain Points

Preferred Content Medium

Audience Development and Personas


Once you have identified your audience, you now need to identify where to reach them. In digital advertising, “where” signifies which websites your audience segments are most likely to frequent. If your audience segment is B2B marketing practitioners, they may be on marketing blogs or sites offering marketing best practice tips

Your Digital Advertising Team


With a small digital advertising team, you’ll need to be clever about how to cover as much ground as possible without stretching your team too thin. With a small team, you are forced to focus on which tasks matter the most in carrying out your digital ad strategy and meeting your goal

Online Campaign Management

You need to have someone on staff who knows online campaign management inside and out. This person should be familiar with paid search and other forms of digital advertising. She should also be able to create some sparkling ad copy

Creative Services

You need to have someone on staff who can run the creative side of your advertising, including designing banners and landing pages, and understanding important campaign elements like what to do with a tracking pixel or code snippet


Data Analysis

Data is always there for the taking, but there’s not always someone to devote time to it. With a large team, someone can take on this role fulltime, assessing the effectiveness of various ads and then making recommendations

Social Media Advertising

If you will be creating and paying for social ads, you need someone who understands the nuances of various social media channels

Video Production

If you will be creating video ads, you need someone who specializes in video production, editing, and formatting

Budget Strategy

As you start preparing to run ads, you need to be clear about your budget and then decide which ads and channels support your strategy. Your budget determines the spending limits for your digital advertising and individual campaigns


Use this worksheet as a way to get started planning your digital advertising budget. Keep in mind that you may need to complete more than one of these worksheets based on how you split your advertising budget

Advertising and Your CrossChannel Marketing Strategy

When you think about your ad strategy, it is critical to think about it in a holistic, cross-channel way. You can’t advertise in a vacuum, so make sure that your digital advertising campaigns are integrated with your larger marketing plan


Pay close attention to buyer behavior across all channels to create a single, integrated view of the buyer persona


Process all of your buyer’s digital signals for a better understanding of your customer


Manage, personalize, and act on conversations with buyers across channels.

Advertising and Your Cross Channel Marketing Strategy

Your marketing automation platform can make it much easier for you to create a cross-channel marketing strategy—both when it comes to different ad platforms and how you think about all of your cross-channel campaigns across email,

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