Difference between CSS, SASS and SCSS

Comparison between SASS and CSS:-

The basis Of Comparison Between SASS vs CSS  SASS CSS
Architecture Oriented and comprehensive Sophisticated
Language Based on SaasScript. Works in integration with HTML.
Expression Syntax It eliminates blocks and uses special indentation that uses a new line in the place of using a semicolon. It consists of a declarative and selective block where each declaration consists of a semicolon.
Variable It proliferates the usage of CSS as it allows the reuse of variables that benefits in a feature like a font stack. It does not allow the reuse of variable and this may lead to rewriting codes at times.
Shareability SAAS allows us to share CSS properties all across the code. One property can be ascertained in a block of code.
Nesting SAAS initiates the nesting of CSS selectors with a specific hierarchical structure. Nesting of CSS selectors might lead to conflicts and jeopardize a piece of code for the programmer.
Dependence SAAS is a pre-processing language that is compiled in CSS. CSS can be used along with HTML to style web pages and enhance them.

Comparison between SASS and SCSS:-

The basis Of Comparison Between SASS vs SCSS SASS SCSS
Definition It is called Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets. It is called Sassy Cascaded Style Sheets.
Usage It is used when original syntax is required for the development. It is used when there is no requirement or criteria about the code syntax used.
Integration It can be integrated along with any kind of project as it supports all the versions of CSS. It can also be integrated with any package or project as it is the superset to CSS which contains all CSS features.
Platform It supports any operating systems or platforms. It supports cross-platform operating systems.
Syntax The syntax constraints are very less and can be written simply. It has more constraints like semicolon etc.
Community It has a greater community of designers and developers. It has a smaller community and very less individual contributors to support.
License It was licensed and modified under MIT license. It was also licensed under MIT.
Rules It has fewer constraints in terms of rules. It is more expressive and more syntax oriented.
Documentation It provides documentation using SassDoc. It allows good inline documentation in the code itself.

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