Connect and share your site with social media – AddToAny plugin

To take advantage of the available traffic from social media, you may want to give your audience an easier way to share your content to their favorite social platforms by adding social share buttons.

Whether you run a content based website and want to get more audience, or you run an online business and need to reach more customers, you can hardly get a better tool than social media.

So everyday, billions of people login to social media to share content, read about the newest gadgets and services, etc. If you want to get a piece of this traffic, your first step is to make your content easily shareable, which you can accomplish with social share buttons.


Step 1 :

From your Admin Panel, go to Plugins and click Add New.

Step 2 :

Search for “AddToAny”.

Step 3 :

Locate the plugin, click Install Now and then Activate Plugin.

Step 4 :

From the menu, click on Settings and AddToAny.

Step 5 :

Under Icon Size section, select either small or large.

Step 6 :

Under Standalone Buttons section, select the platforms you’d like to include in your social share buttons. By default you have and . For example, you can add Pinterest and Tumblr as well.

Step 7 :

Keep the Universal Button checked if you want it included in the social share buttons. This gives people access to other platforms that are not displayed.

Step 8 :

Under Placement section, select where you want the social share buttons to be placed: Bottom, Top or Top & Bottom of the articles.

Step 9 :

Scroll down and click on Save Changes.

Step 10 :

Open your website in a new tab and preview the results.

Now every time you post an article, the social share buttons will be added automatically.

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