Best Website where you can learn Web Design & UI Inspiration with Code Snippets

In this blog, we will take a tour of a website where you can learn the best CSS and js animations, where you can learn web design and UI inspiration with code snippets.

Code My UI is the website which provides you best animation examples of CSS and js. You can easily learn them and also you can edit and test them as well.

If you want to take any design into your website you can just open it in codepen and copy and paste the code. You can easily get all the features and animation which they created. But the main part of all this is that we can use it free, without any cost. So don't waste the time just directly go the main point.

HTML, CSS Code Snippets for login form

Cute Puppy Login Form Design: This epic animation was designed by Filip Vitas. The puppy looks from left to right as you enter your username and covers its eyes when you type the password and peeks when you hit the show password button.

CSS Only Transition for Sign In to Register: Here is a simple card UI inspired login form from Sean Mann that has a nice transition between the Sign In & Register UI.

Signup and Password Field Reaction for Yeti Mascot on Login Form: We have seen an owl animated login form and an envelope animated email unsubscribe from in the past. This particular login form animation in SVG was designed by Darin Senneff.

Image Thumbnail to Material Design Info Card

This is an image to material design inspired card designed by Erik Hellman. When you click on the image it expands to a card uninspired design card.


We love these animation form. If you want to use or learn them just go to Code My UI website. You can find a lot of animation for images, videos. forms, input types, text, menu, button and etc.

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